Makoko 2036

Makoko 2036

Area MobilityPlanningCultureUrban DevelopmentWater collection, Urban farming Medium AnimationVirtual Reality Type ResearchDesign Research / Design Fiction

This is a film about architecture. A dystopic vision about self-adaptation and resilience of an informal settlement in the context of a near future water privatized society. The 360 animation puts the spectator in a boat tour around the speculative scenario of the existing community of Makoko in Nigeria. It is a story about increased social inequality but also about cooperation and inventive solutions on mobility, water collection and farming, resulting in a chaotically organized DIY bottom-up urbanism. The project is a statement that informal urban processes must be embraced by traditional urban planning methodologies in order to overcome poverty allowing access to social mobility. The narrative was collaboratively built in a multi-disciplinary team of filmmakers, animators, urban planners, economists, sociologists and architects while this design research intended to translate those visions into a VR immersive experience. Watch it with smartphone, google cardboard or Oculus.



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  • Oliveira, Eduardo World Building Institute