An open platform for urban visualization projects

Visualization as a tool for analysis, exploration and communication has become a driving force in the task of unravelling the complex urban fabrics that form our cities.

This platform tries to bring together an interdisciplinary community and establish an exchange of knowledge & ideas on urban visualization projects from around the globe.


CityVis Exhibition 2022
Exhibition 2022
On November 3rd we will announce the winners of this year's competition. The best works will be exhibited in a 2-month public exhibition in Potsdam, Germany (and online).
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CityVis Ausstellung 2022
Ausstellung 2022
Am 3. November werden wir die Gewinner*innen des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs vorstellen. Die besten Arbeiten werden für zwei Monate in Potsdam öffentlich ausgestellt.
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