Glocal Climate Change, 2021
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Glocal Climate Change is a project that translates the Copernicus open data into an immersive visual narration to make climate data accessible to a broader audience. It develops upon a never seen hyper granular map that returns the climate of more than 100.000 EU municipalities in a single view. Such detail allows visitors to search for their places, the ones they care about, shortening the distance between the EU citizens and the global phenomenon. Then, a scroll-based page narrates the chosen municipality's climate trend. It connects the single place with the surroundings and then the connected provinces and region connecting again local climate with a broader scope. Finally, more than 100.000 informative data thumbnails were generated, one for each place, turning visitors in little digital activists toward a greater climate awareness.



  • OBC Transeuropa

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OBC Transeuropa