Competition 2016: Shortlisted in the category Research

A sense of place. Exploring the potentials and possible uses of Location Based Social Network Data for urban and transportation planning in Turku City Centre.

SPIN Unit, 2015
Area Planning Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Type Research

When we talk about the urban fabric, we are led to consider the urban landscape as a physical arrangement defined by objects, voids and their visible relations. For decades, the field of urban morphology has sought to unveil, measure and study these relations to learn more about the evolution of the city form. At the same time Social media has become a common feature of our everyday life. For researchers, social media provides large amounts of readily accessible, on-time and qualitatively rich data that can be used to study urban activities and people?s interactions. The specific characteristics of different forms of social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, open different avenues for both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

In this work we are aim to hack the invisible city, leverage the secret strengths of urban spaces, and explore how the many characters, all the different layers of the urban fabric come together.

Aiming to combine art and science to study urban phenomena, SPIN Unit has coalesced into an international network of professionals.



  • Cerrone, Damiano SPIN Unit
  • Giovannini, Daniel SPIN Unit
  • Männigo, Kristjan SPIN Unit
  • Lehtovuori, Panu SPIN Unit
  • Pau, Helen SPIN Unit

Project Partner

The City of Turku Estonian Academy of Arts