a town for all – Alle in die Stadt!

Tilmann Finner, 2021
Area Planning Urban Development Nature Medium Physical Installation Type Student

For a long time, our cities were conceived almost exclusively as spaces for humans and their lifestyles. But that's over now. In order to make the city friendlier and more inclusive for all species, alternative city concepts that truly offer living space for all can be developed on an experimental basis. In the game, all players work together to build a city that corresponds to their imagination using various structural and natural building blocks. Thereon species cards are assigned, which are now to be represented with the help of additional natural elements. The cards contain information about the needs of the species, for example regarding habitat and food. Since the species used do not necessarily always harmonize with each other, conflicts can arise for which solutions must be sought in discourse. After the players decide that the city is finished, a small evaluation round by means of a recorded discussion follows. Additionally the board is photographed. This creates an accessible, qualitative data collection which is documented on the website.



  • Tilmann Finner, Student at FHP Silas Wolf, Student at FHP

Project Partner

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Research Project "Urbane Xtopien – Freiräume der Zukunft"