Amor SP

Maycon Sedrez, 2018
Area Culture Civic Urban Development Security Medium Information Visualization Type Research

The inspiration for this project comes from the song "Não existe amor em SP" (there is no love in São Paulo) from musician Criolo. The song represents a metaphor for São Paulo's atmosphere and feelings in a concrete, grey, rainy city. 'Amor SP' is an on-going research on data analytics, social media and open-source data in the city of São Paulo. The project explores the idea of mapping feelings and reactions to urban spaces in the city by scraping social media geolocated tags in combination with open data sources. These first images present the amount of love and hate (and related feelings) tracked from Twitter and Flickr. The background map (streets layer, districts layer and city border) are available on the Geosampa database. The criminality levels are published statistics from the Public Security Secretary (SSP/SP) in terms of occurrences by Police Station, 93 in total. Three crimes are mapped: homicides, homicide attempt, and rape. The tools used in this analysis are QGIS, Rhinoceros + Grasshopper + Mosquito, and Illustrator.
The goal of the project is to understand through mapping the complexity of the city identifying urban configurations that are favourable for human interactions, and are safe and inclusive.
Mais amor por favor (more love please) is a sentence from artist Ygor Marotta, which can be found on the walls of São Paulo.



  • Sedrez, Maycon