Competition 2018: Nominated in the category Student

Chicago Crimes

University of Applied Science Potsdam, 2018
Area Urban Development Housing Real estate analysis Medium Information Visualization Augmented Reality Type Student

We wanted to explore new ways of visualizing vast amounts of data in a meaningful and possibly also in an engaging & beautiful way. We explored how using "AR" (Augmented Reality) and 3-D could be beneficial to seeing and discussing data in a more engaging way.
In general big datasets can be quite a challenge to really understand, even more so, when the results or insights need to be communicated to stakeholders that are not used to scientific or mathematical visualizations. AR-3D (sometimes also called "Mixed Reality?) can help to create visualizations that are easier to grasp or just more engaging to non-tech-people.
Another possible advantage we wanted to explore is the potential of 3-D to allow for more data to be shown at the same time.

Disclaimer: This is a very recent work and therefor the documentation and demo have been created just for the purpose of this application. See attached PDF and Demo-Video.


  • Jerschov, Nikita University of Applied Science Potsdam