OMG! - Looking at the Collaborative City

Blok74 Urban Sims, 2017
Area Planning Civic Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Physical Installation Type Research ArtAdvocacy

What started in 2015 as an experiment in visualizing the collaborative city-making, (with the Blok74?s project ?Spiel den Kiez? in Berlin, Germany) grew to become an interactive simulation on how different stakeholders shape the urban environment. The OMG! installation / tutorial is an example of the ?Play to Plan? philosophy, which uses gaming mechanics as a magnifying glass to observe the city and understand its inner logic.

The OMG! is loosely based on the premises of the New Environmental Law (in Dutch: Omgevingswet, playfully shortened to OMG!) and the possibilities this Law enables to the increase of the civic participation in the built environment planning. The installation uses digital application to track and display stakeholders / players actions, making it possible to shape, cut, demolish and re-build the simulated models of the real-life locations and analyse the results. The simple, but symbolically rich visual language of the installation combines graphic design, a bit of computer coding, and some basic architectural model-making turned industrial / game design.



  • Milena Ivkovic Blok74 Urban Sims

Project Partner

Ticklebot Game Studio