An educational simulator to help understand the issues around energy flexibility

Dataveyes, 2014
Area Planning Urban Development Housing Medium Information Visualization Physical Installation Type Contract

This project is an interactive installation commissioned by EDF (French electric utility). It intends to introduce the concept of energy flexibility and explain how it can potentially make our energy consumption more sustainable.

The main goal of this project is to raise awareness by allowing the users (energy constructors, public figures, students) to visualize consumption curves for various household appliances, as well as understanding their impact on the global network.

Set up in 2 showrooms (Paris & Lyon), the technical concepts are introduced by a presenter to the audience. He uses his phone as remote to interact with the interface. The audience can later connect their own phone to a multi-player mode. They can see the impact of different heating systems, insulations or water heater on the global network and try to optimize the production of energy.


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