Foodiestratum What is the price of food every city prefers? Purchasing parity distribution through dietary preferences

fabian rios, 2019
Area Culture Medium Information Visualization Type Research

The project explores similarities and distributions of food photography by assembling 1000 photos, for each city observed, into rich media visualizations. This reveals interesting patterns. Foodiestratum investigates the typical foodie pic using theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods, the project search similarities and distributions of this kind of photographies by associating rich media visualisations (Image-plots) build by assembling 1000 photos for each city to reveal interesting patterns. This theoretical essay will discuss this particular behaviour, the influence it exerts in mobile hardware and software industry and summarise and analyse previous created project under a similar scope also it’ll clarify the methods and the dataset and come to and end of conclusions and possible future research to be done.



  • Fabian Ríos
  • Prof. Michael Pichler Thesis Supervisor
  • Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ido Iurgel Second Thesis Supervisor

Project Partner

Master thesis at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences