IT University of Copenhagen, 2021
Area Mobility Planning Urban Development Sustainability Medium Information Visualization Interactive Type Research

GrowBike.Net lets you explore interactively how to grow bicycle networks from scratch in 62 cities, with different growth algorithms developed in a research project. They aim to create a cohesive, city-spanning bicycle network - something that every modern city should have. Studying these synthetic networks informs us about the geometric limitations of urban bicycle network growth and can lead to better designed bicycle infrastructure. GrowBike.Net also allows to compare the simulated networks with existing bicycle networks. Various statistics of network metrics provide a quantitative insight into the growth processes. A download page provides over thousand images and videos. GrowBike.Net is built with Mapbox GL JS and React. It was developed at ITU Copenhagen as part of a Master Thesis.



  • Morten Lynghede, IT University of Copenhagen Cecilia Laura Kolding Andersen, IT University of Copenhagen Michael Szell, IT University of Copenhagen