Hope Archive

Koç University, 2017
Area Civic Medium Information Visualization Type ArtAdvocacy Journalistic

Hope archive is a visual database mapping spatial and ecological justice that aims to create a visual memory. It is an online platform where everyone can upload and share their own videos.

It aims to become a platform where similar struggles around the globe can gain visibility and connect to one another.

Its starting point is the idea that thinking about different practices and subjectivities that relate to the universal might be encouraging and stimulating.

That is why Hope Archive aims to grow by making spatial struggles visible that otherwise remain hidden, for hope is a commitment to act in a world whose future remains uncertain and unknowable.

We sow the first seed to the database with the video archive of Düzce Tenant Homeless Earthquake Victims? right to adequate housing struggle since 1999 Earthquake. The videos of Düzce Hope Homes - Turkey's first participatory housing project which rise up with the principles ?struggling together, designing together, building together? - are regularly being uploaded on our database.



  • Adanalı, Ayşe Center for Spatial Justice
  • Adanalı, Yaşar Center for Spatial Justice
  • Arslan, Hülya Center for Spatial Justice
  • Boyacı, Sinem Center for Spatial Justice
  • Çay, Damla KUAR Happern - Koç University
  • Furtuna, Çiğdem Center for Spatial Justice
  • Kuşcu, Hüseyin Kakare Interactive
  • Öztürk, Deniz Center for Spatial Justice
  • Pekün, Didem Koç University
  • Yantaç, Asım Evren KUAR Happern - Koç University

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