If not now, when? Urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Technical University of Munich, Germany, 2016
Area Urban Development Medium Film Type Research

Worldwide, consumption levels of water, energy and food continue to rise, despite climate change. This short documentary film (18 minutes) describes the results of a research project at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and shows how this issue plays out in the small city Leh in the Indian Himalaya: very rapid economic growth and ensuing fast urban transformation have caused a huge water supply and wastewater management challenge in a region where water is already scarce, with concomintant health risk. An alternative to the planned centralized sewage system is to recycle and reuse wastewater decentrally for urban agriculture, thereby conserving water and energy resources and supporting food security as part of a climate change adaptation strategy. With such an approach, Leh can be a model for future urban development for cities worldwide.

Link: https://vimeo.com/142941443
Password: wefnexusleh



  • Gondhalekar, Daphne Technical University of Munich, Germany

Project Partner

European Commission, German Research Foundation (DFG)