FH Potsdam, 2008
Area Mobility Medium Information Visualization Physical Installation Type Research

LiquiData is an explorative application bridging the physical and the virtual world by visualizing visited places in a social setting. It uses a fluid metaphor to convey the fuzzy, imprecise mental maps we often have of our environment.
The multitouch application to explore your personal movement profile and to show other people engaging places by adding photos and comments with the help of your smartphone. It can be seen as a rating system that offers people the possibility to discover new spots in an unknown surrounding e.g. during a city-visit. Although a smartphone is not necessary to interact with the system, it offers you the possibility to give insights to your movements through the city and lets you compare your mental map with the reality.



  • Christopher Pietsch
  • Gunnar Friedrich
  • Luis Grass
  • David Ikuye
  • Pierre La Baume

Project Partner

FH Potsdam, Till Nagel