Mapping Arts Project

Blackbird Arts and Research, 2016
Area Culture Civic Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Type Research Research and Art

Mapping Arts Project maps cities through places where artists have lived and worked historically. The cities currently online or in development are Miami, Providence, Chicago, and Denver. This project grounds the history of artistic production in the spaces of the city, while also providing the public with access to the social geography art. The project contains original research by the project founder, Lara Stein Pardo, as well as students and collaborators. The project is set up so that future cities can continue to be added and developed through collaborations, and then added to the main platform. Mapping Arts is currently in the midst of a design and functionality transition to make searching and navigating easier. Also, we are working toward developing better mobile functionality and geolocational pinging features.



  • Stein Pardo, Lara Blackbird Arts and Research

Project Partner

Giant Hat Works Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Brown University University of Michigan Denver Arts and Venues' IMAGINE 2020 Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture at the University of Colorado Boulder Imagining America Vanderbilt University The Green Family Foundation