Competition 2016: Shortlisted in the category Journalistic

New and native Berliners - who came, who went and who lives here today

Berliner Morgenpost, 2014
Area Culture Medium Information Visualization Type Journalistic

The story of Berlin?s population since the fall of the Wall is one of massive interchange. Since 1989, 3.5 million people live in Berlin. And the city is growing. Where are they living? Where are they from? An interactive data analysis provides a detailed picture which confirms and challenges prejudices.



  • Troeger, Julius Berliner Morgenpost
  • Paetzold, Andre Berliner Morgenpost
  • Klack, Moritz Berliner Morgenpost
  • Moeller, Christopher Berliner Morgenpost
  • Wendler, David Berliner Morgenpost