Nobody Lives Here

Plano C, 2018
Area Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Type Research

What is the area in orange?
This area is made of 1km2 tiles in which resident population is null. The data comes from the 2010 Demographic Census' Statistical Grid, the smallest area unity made available to the public by the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In 2010, 13.566.488 tiles were surveyed. The reported population in 10.902.382 of them was ... zero.
This corresponds to 6,8 million of km2, roughly 80% of the whole national territory. So, despite its enourmous population of 207.7 million, the most part of Brazil's territory remains uninhabited.

Does that mean that Brazil's territory is wilderness for the most part?
Definitely no. Yes, a large portion of those tiles cover natural areas, in the amazon forest, the pantanal, the pampa, some in protected areas. Nonetheless, uninhabited is not the same as undeveloped nor unexplored.

Much of these uninhabited areas are made up of farmland, commercial and industrial estates, military installations, traffic infrastructure, and other areas where plenty of people pass through ? but where nobody actually lives..



  • Marques Iablonovski, Guilherme Plano C