Competition 2016: Shortlisted in the category Research


ESDI / UERJ, 2014
Area Mobility Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Type Research

Punctum is a mobile app that uses the gesture of pointing out objects in the physical environment to interact with their digital information. By overlaying three-dimensional virtual models with their related elements in the real world, it's possible to browse buildings and other volumetric elements in a seamless experience.

The use of geotags in digital assets and the popularization of mobile computing established a new model of information-based interaction.

Many Location-Based Services (LBS) and Augmented Reality apps treat geo-data as single coordinates to present georeferenced files, to evaluate distances or get relative direction from user. They rely on screen mediation and end up constraining the relation between the user and the environment. It interferes with the interactive experience by adding icons and symbols built upon users field of view, already framed and flattend by the screen.

As an outcome of the research, a mobile application was developed that spares the use of displays when selecting points of interest in the physical environment. A tridimensional approach to geo-data (width, depth and height) can recreate the surrounding and reproduce its occlusions and perspective. That way, without the interference of screens or immersive devices, the environment itself is presented as an interface and make technology more subtle in its daily use.



  • Boiteux, Sergio ESDI / UERJ