WASH sector prototype in GAMA

The Ecological Sequestration Trut, 2016
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We are developing and demonstrating the world?s first open-source, integrated human-ecology-economics systems platform that enables resilient disaster risk sensitive planning, policy-making, investment and procurement for city-regions globally. is designed as a computer-based platform that provides an integrated systems view of a city-region. It will be an analysis and decision-support tool for collaboration and resilience decision-making. The platform combines computer representations of resource flows, human and business activities and infrastructure systems. The platform contains a growing library of process models of typical human, industrial and ecological systems, the relevant ones of which are used in a local instance to create a tailored integrated systems model for a city-region.

It is designed to connect to many data sources, including from earth observation satellites, government and private sector data, local sensor networks, smart phones, tablets and local survey data. This data is processed by the systems model and visualized to give an improved understanding of the human, economic and ecological systems within a region including how these are interlinked.

Installing a local version of the model allows communities to manage both their economy and its critical supporting ecosystems on the basis of integrated systems insights. It allows city-regions globally to assess their current development path, taking account of the risks of climate change, resource scarcity and events and map out a more sustainable and resilient pathway. It is a tool for testing possible scenarios and driving towards a holistic set of social, environment and economic goals. is designed and created to support regional investment and performance based procurement in resilient growth of sustainable city-regions with the governance and metrics that planners, designers and investors need. Utilities, services and transport infrastructure, construction, water and energy supply, clean technology, climate adaptation, agriculture and forestry, health and education are all part of this and together are vital components of resilient urban growth. The platform will build evidence to attract public and private investment to climate adaptation and mitigation projects that achieve economic, social and environmental goals within resilient inclusive development.



  • Xiaonan Wang, Koen H. van Dam , Charalampos Triantafyllidis, Rembrandt H.E.M. Koppelaar, and Nilay Shah Imperial College & IIER

Project Partner

UK Government Department for Foreign Investment and Development (DFID), Cities Alliance.