Lost Opportunities/ Mixed Priorities/ Resilient Cities

Urban Design Collective, 2017
Area Mobility Planning Culture Civic Urban Development Housing Real estate Water Medium Information Visualization Infographic Physical Installation Type Research ArtAdvocacy Journalistic

The exhibit is a critical narrative on the politics of development that define our cities using Mattancherry as a case example. Apart from chronicling the history of development from as far back as was possible, the investigation for this exhibit is positioned on the premise of there being more than what meets the eye and gradually but strongly, the other side of the story emerged. Over time and across various sectors of development, Mattancherry has constantly been at the centre of multiple government initiatives but with very limited results to show on the ground. A parallel narrative also emerged with projects that did get implemented but which did not necessarily respond to the dire needs of the residents. And lastly, a third storyline revealed that irrespective of the state intervention (or lack thereof), the various individuals and communities of Mattancherry have always demonstrated the ability to organise themselves to produce or co-produce the city for its residents.



  • Vidhya Mohankumar Urban Design Collective
  • Abinaya Rajavelu Urban Design Collective
  • Sivagami Periannan Urban Design Collective
  • Devangi Ramakrishnan Urban Design Collective

Project Partner

URU Art Harbour in Kochi, India