SHARECITY: Assessing the practice and sustainability potential of ICT enabled urban food sharing

Trinity College Dublin, 2016
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SHARECITY - an ERC funded project running from 2015-2020, will establish the significance and potential of food sharing economies to transform cities onto more sustainable pathways the project by:
Developing deeper theoretical understanding of contemporary food sharing
Generating comparative international empirical data about food sharing activities within cities
Assessing the impact of food sharing activities
Exploring how food sharing in cities might evolve in the future

The SHARECITY100 online searchable database allows anyone to search more than 400 enterprises across the world.
Explore the map or use the drop-down menus to see what and how food is being shared within 100 cities around the world.
Scroll below the map to get more details about the food sharing activities matching your search.



  • Davies, Anna R. Trinity College Dublin

Project Partner

European Research Council, Horizon2020