Queen's University Belfast, 2016
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Streets are key elements of urban space; they are in essence public spaces and connect diverse areas of the city weaving the urban fabric.

StreetSpace is a research and teaching project based in Architecture at Queen's University Belfast. The project is led by Dr Agustina Martire, lecturer in Architecture.

Our understanding of cities has grown in complexity in the last half century. However, architectural theory is yet to find methods of urban analysis that are appropriate to the discipline, while building bridges with other disciplines that deal with urban space. This project analyses streets. The project began in 2011 with the graphic analysis of streets in plan and section. Now it has evolved to include different types of analysis coming from disciplines as diverse as sociology, history, geography, sound, art, as well as architecture and urban design. The project went through a process of experimentation, in Belfast, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh and Kilkenny. This exercise has enhanced local student?s understanding of the role of streets in the urban landscape while building a critical mass of examples to inform the analysis.

The wider StreetSpace project is underway through an interdisciplinary reading group and taught modules in the Masters in Architecture. There are plans for carrying out the interdisciplinary workshop in a series of cities in Europe and South America.



  • Martire, Agustina Queen's University Belfast

Project Partner

UAHS - Ulster Architectural Heritage Society PLACENI - Planning Landscape Architecture Community Environment