Competition 2018: Nominated in the category Journalistic

Will taking the train soon take more time?

Targomo, 2017
Area Planning Medium Information Visualization Type Journalistic

In Hamburg, a train station is planned to move. This has disadvantages for many inhabitants of the the city. Interactive maps show who benefits and who loses.

The Altona long-distance train station in Hamburg is to be relocated 1800 meters northwards. But these 1800 meters make the difference between a central traffic junction and a "cemetery with rail connection", as some critics already call the new location.

Deutsche Bahn advertises that the new location makes travel easier and faster. The city of Hamburg supports the project. But a research of the SPIEGEL shows that the largest railway project in northern Germany can not keep many promises. In addition: The railway keeps its calculations, which are to speak for the removal, under lock and key. They can not be checked.

Targomo (previously Motion Intelligence) ran traffic analyses for SPIEGEL, allowing the comparison of the locations, and the impact upon the population of Hamburg.

Data sources: Hamburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH, Deutsche Bahn, OpenStreetMap (and OpenStreetMap Contributors), Acxiom Deutschland GmbH



  • Seibt, Philipp SPIEGEL ONLINE
  • Roberts, Adam Targomo