Competition 2016: Shortlisted in the category Research

Södertörnsanalysen (The Sodertorn Analysis)

White arkitekter AB, 2016
Area Planning Civic Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Infographic Animation Film Type Research

The Sodertorn Analysis is an open tool meant to illustrate similarities, differences and trends between small geographical areas in eight municipalities South of Stockholm, Sweden - the Södertörn region. The project is inspired by the Gapminder foundation who have been working on visualising data on global developmend and making it accessible to a wider public. In this tool, comparisons between countries has been replaced by small geographical areas in municipalities. There is a pilot version of the tool accessible through the Projects website in Swedish and English, see links below. Five indicators have been selected in the pilot version for the years 2000-2013 which illustrates socio-economic development as well as migration patterns in the region. The aim of the Project is to create a common tool for illustrating differences, similarities and trends between areas in municipalities in the region of Södertörn. The results can also be used to show fact-based data, analyse and benchmark sustainability in municipalities. The goal is to supply municipalities with a common tool where statistics can be visualised and connected to small geographical areas. The Sodertorn Analysis is part of the larger project "Södertörnsmodellen" - an innovative collaboration for sustainable urban development in municipalities outside the city centre of Stockholm. One strength is that it is not a flagship development project, but a large area south of Stockholm including different municipalities with many opportunities. Follow the links for the pilot version of the tool. There is also a video explaining it. The project is co-funded by VINNOVA (Sweden's Innovation Agency), ARQ and participating partners.



  • Marcel Moritz Huddinge municipality
  • Johan Dahlberg White arkitekter
  • Moa Rosenqvist Haninge municipality
  • Ulla Mörtberg Royal Institute of Technology
  • Kristin Strandberg SKL International
  • Peter Brokking Royal Institute of Technology
  • Eva Berggren Botkyrka municipality
  • Tobias Engberg Botkyrka municipality

Project Partner

VINNOVA - Sweden's Innovation Agency ARQ White arkitekter AB Huddinge municipality Haninge municipality Botkyrka municipality SKL International Royal Institute of Technology