Data Visualization for Urban Problems: The waters of São Paulo and the climate emergency

University of São Paulo (USP), 2022
Area Sustainability Urban Development Medium Infographic Information Visualization Type Student

My undergraduate thesis on Architecture and Urbanism was a book on the relation of the city of São Paulo and its waters with the climate emergency. The book includes 18 infographics based on data visualization adressing topics such as the relationship between the city and its rivers, the overwhelming urban sprawl of São Paulo, the recent already perceptible change in meteorological events and the possibilities to develop urban resilience. It is a reminder that a smart city is the one that fosters ways to adapt and thrive in face of the climate crisis. The full work contains a report explaining the methodology used in each infographic, as well as their references.



  • Nicholas Z Pretto Kaminski, University of São Paulo

Project Partner

Prof. Leandro Manuel Reis Velloso - Ph.D. (advisor), University of São Paulo Prof. Denise Helena Silva Duarte - Ph.D. (co-advisor), University of São Paulo