TransitFlow: Visualizing Scheduled Transit Frequency

CitySwifter, 2017
Area Planning Medium Information Visualization Type Research ArtAdvocacy

Scheduled transport frequency is an important factor that impacts transport rider experience and mobility. Communicating about transport frequency, however, is difficult. Static transit maps and timetables can be overwhelming and unintuitive. TransitFlow is an open-source application that makes it easy to animate mass transit schedules in towns, cities and regions around the world, relying on GTFS data from Transitland, a community-edited data service aggregating transit networks across metropolitan and rural areas around the world.

Here is some press that TransitFlow has received:

And here is the Github repository:

TransitFlow was developed by Will Geary, who currently works as a data scientist at CitySwifter.



  • Geary, Will CitySwifter

Project Partner

Mapzen, Transitland