300.000 Km/s, 2017
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The project Touristification is a new approach to define the gentrification caused by tourism in the city of Madrid.

Touristification was a meeting held at La Casa Encendida cultural center in Madrid (28 October 2017), with the participation of specialists and citizens, to discuss the growing impact of the renewed tourist phenomenon on the city inhabitants.

The event gathered local specialists around several descriptive materials of the phenomenon prepared for the occasion.

The materials are a first approximation made with data to a problem that is common to large modern cities mixing statistical data (National Bureau of Statistics, Cadaster, Open data Madrid) with soft data (insideAirbn, Trip advisor or Flickr) captured and visualized for the first time at the scale of Madrid.

The project is divided in 3 parts: 1) an analysis of tourist trends, 2) a comparison of p2p apartments in several European cities and 3) an atlas describing the transformations seen in the urban landscape of Madrid through tourism- related thematic mapping.

All the generated maps and data are open and can be reused by local communities and researchers.



  • Cantis Silberstein, Ariadna
  • Martinez-Diez, Pablo 300.000 Km/s
  • Santamaria-Varas, Mar 300.000 Km/s

Project Partner

Curator: Ariadna Cantis (https://www.ariadnacantiscomunicacion.com/) Data analysis and visualisation: 300.000 Km/s (http://300000kms.net/) Produced by: La Casa Encendida