Competition 2016: Shortlisted in the category Journalistic

Urban Diagramming

Archie's Press, 2014
Area Culture Civic Real estate Medium Information Visualization Infographic Type Journalistic

GPS's are hindering our ability to create mental maps of our surroundings. These maps aim to install a "Map from the Mind", simplifying structures and neighborhoods in the most efficient and beautiful way. I use widely agreed-upon neighborhoods and roads to create a skeleton of the city, offering an image that can help introduce the language of the landscape.

The question starts with "What information do I need before I can begin to understand this city?". The answer can only be answered by the citizens, who are the architects of the information. I consult with them to ensure colloquial and psycho-geographical accuracy.

Why circles?
The shape provides a quickly-digestible sense of scale within the landscape. It's much easier to absorb information tucked into such a simple shape.



  • Archambault, Archie Archie's Press

Project Partner

I often collaborate with different designers for unfamiliar cities.