Visitmyorbit - Exploring Artists’ Networks

n.a., 2021
Area Culture Urban Development Medium Information Visualization Type Art & Advocacy

Visitmyorbit is a portal into the life of contemporary artists working in various fields. The site shows artists' motivations, studio locations as well as 773 connections among them – creating an inside view into the networks of 150 artists presented on Highlighting individual artists points out their relation and closeness to other artists – socially in the network and physically on the map – giving a glimpse into the different artists' milieus – predominantly in Berlin. Additionally you can deep dive into individual studio visits and interviews. All data was collected manually and evaluated in a constant dialogue with the artists over a period of more than one year. visitmyorbit is a visualization by Stephanie Neumann and Alsino Skowronnek crafted in Berlin, 2021.



  • Alsino Skowronnek, Stephanie Neumann