Case studies: Mapping urban data - Walls of Air

Mapping-lab, 2018
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This case study proposes a series of 10 maps with the theme "Walls of Air" developed and designed for the Brazilian Pavilion Catalogue at the Venice Biennale 2018.
The project was created as a complementation of the main exhibition maps as a way of visualizing differents forms of "Walls" resulted from the Brazil's urbanization processes.
Each cartography addresses the theme of invisible walls that are present in the conformation of the Brazilian territory, in various scales, of the country, of the regions, of the cities. It is also proposed a broad discussion of this in multiple areas, landscape, flow of people and materials, social programs, education and the actual coping with inequalities present in cities.



  • Passos, Carolina Mapping-lab

Project Partner

The project includes several existing databases and researches articulated together with the curatorial team (Gabriel Kozlowski, Laura González Fierro, Marcelo Maia Rosa and Sol Camacho) of the Brazilian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.