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Vernissage & Symposium
03.11.2022 06PM
03.11.2022 – 30.12.2022

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Symposium (in englisch)

Beyond the Smart City –
Reflections on the digital City

03.11.2022, 6 to 8 pm, Wissenschaftsetage Potsdam

The discourse on the city of the future is often dominated by technological visions. The Smart City: an urban space of networked systems that optimise the city's processes. The goal of the CityVis initiative has always been to make the invisible information and systems of our cities visible. With this symposium, we want to go one step further and critically question the status quo of our (digital) cities. How can we design the cities of the future to be more inclusive (fem_arc)? How can data and information promote transparency and empower civil society to critically question events (Forensic Architecture)? How can we reflectively navigate the interplay between digital innovation and privacy rights (Tactical Tech)?

The symposium is the opening of the CityVis 2022 exhibition.



The symposium and announcements will be held hybrid. We are fully booked for in-person participation. But you can still participate in the online meeting:

Live via Zoom
Meeting ID: 619 4143 0365
Passcode: 20336749


WIS – Wissenschaftsetage im Bildungsforum
Am Kanal 47
(Am Platz der Einheit)
14467 Potsdam