Accessibility mapping of complex transportation networks

Accessibility mapping of complex transportation networks

2016, University of Potsdam, Germany
Area MobilityPlanningCultureReal estate Medium Information VisualizationGeographic Visualization Type Research

Analyzing temporal and spatial accessibility becomes a central topic in a growing number of fields, such as transportation, logistics, routing, navigation or urban planning. This work presents a novel web-application to display urban accessibility maps with the highest possible degree of detail by visualizing the complete unfiltered transportation networks and mapping the respective required travel times directly onto the road segments. This network-based accessibility-map visualization system is an important tool to provide, explore, analyze and assess multi-modal, location-based travel time data. The application allows the end users to simply filter the predictive minimum travel times from one or a set of selected origins and to adjust custom parameters for transportation type, intersection mode, and different color schemes. While neither expert knowledge, nor special hardware or software installations are required, this system is an excellent tool for decision makers, urban planners or individual users.



  • Schoedon, Alexander University of Potsdam, Germany